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Stories about experiences in adult establishments, reviews of adult establishments.

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17:41, 2016-Oct-7

Three times hooked up with a wife Part 3
06:07, 2015-Dec-13

The third and final time this happened was at the Olde Un Theater in Columbia Missouri. I was again in a booth watching the glory hole. This time I saw an elderly couple walk in. The woman sat in a chair, and her husband stood next to her. They shut the door to the man on the other side (the booth had two holes) and left my door open. At first the man started jerking me off. I was a little worried that was all that was going to happen, but then he released my cock and his wife started sucking me. It was great. Her mouth was so moist.

Three times hooked up with a wife Part 2
05:59, 2015-Dec-13

The second time I had the experience of hooking up with a wife was at Venus Adult Theater in Columbia Missouri. I was in the theater section, bored out of my mind with nothing around but old men. I was about to leave when in walked a couple that looked to be in their early 40s. The woman layed down on the couch and began sucking the cock of one of the other men who was there, and old fellow with a mustache. I got down and started licking her pussy and her husband said; "You can put your dick in her if you want." He didn't have to offer twice. I put my cock deep in her pussy, and I'm sad to say, I came after only a couple minutes. She was gorgeous. The idea that such a beauty is probably pregnant by me now, turns me on every time I think about it.

Three times hooked up with a wife
05:27, 2015-Dec-13

It doesn't happen as often as I like, but when it happens, it is awesome. I'm talking about being in an adult theater when a couple comes in and you get to screw the wife. I've experienced this three times in three different establishments. The first time it was with a young college couple at the megaplex in Arrow Rock Missouri. I was in the booth waiting for some glory hole action. I looked in the hole, and saw the most beautiful young woman. She had long dark hair and was wearing a red dress with her tits hanging out. When I put my cock through the hole, she and her boyfriend took turns sucking me until I came. It was awesome.

First Day on the blog!!!
05:06, 2015-Dec-13

After attempting to create an adult blog on several other sites, I finally found a blog site that functions properly. Anyway, I love hanging out at adult theaters and adult arcades. Here I plan to post stories of my experiences.


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